Damn Fine Cold Brew started with a big dream and some damn fine coffee. We’re here to change the notion that cold brew is simply a “set it and forget it” type of coffee. For too long, cold brew has been largely misrepresented with over-extraction. We’ve spent years experimenting with several different roasts, grinds, ratios, timing and magic to create what we believe to be the perfect cup of coffee.

The cold brew process yields a less acidic, non-bitter tasting coffee. It can be enjoyed over ice or steaming hot. Cold brew coffee is meant to be smooth and velvety, rich in chocolaty and nutty notes. That’s what we do.

Other things we like to do:

◌ Special events (Office meetings/parties, weddings, etc.) We can personalize your coffee spread to fit your vision!
◌ Pop-up shops/markets
◌ Bulk orders/wholesale partnerships
Interested? Message us via our “contact” page or email us at info@damnfinecoldbrew.com for details.

Veteran-owned and operated